Mass Deployment

Particulars is useful for displaying system information on different Macs and for helping to distinguish them. Particulars can be broadly deployed and configured with macOS Managed Preferences or other deployment tools.

There are three components to a mass deployment of Particulars.


The Mac App Store is the exclusive distribution channel for Particulars. To mass deploy the Particulars application, license it in the Apps and Books section of Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. Then, distribute the app with an MDM.

Managed Preferences

Particulars is highly customizable, and all of its preferences can be managed by an MDM using Managed Preferences.

Certain default behaviors of Particulars, including the first run welcome, do not make sense when mass deploying it. In a mass deployment, enable either labMode, firstRunDone, and/or hideDockIcon.

Launch Agent

To run Particulars at login for each user on each Mac in a mass deployment, download and install the ParticularsMassDeployment package. The package includes a Launch Agent that launches Particulars at login. Mass installation of this package can be accomplished with an MDM or other deployment tool.

On macOS Ventura and later, the installation of the Launch Agent will cause a Login items added notification. See Login item notification for information on how to suppress this notification.

(To comply with Mac App Store review guidelines, the ParticularsMassDeployment package cannot be included with the app and must be downloaded separately. However, once installed, ParticularsMassDeployment does not need re-installed or upgraded when Particulars is upgraded.)

Particulars will not show the first run welcome when launched from this Launch Agent.

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